The syllabus is the most significant aspect of any exam, as without having any syllabus we can’t prepare for any exam. VIT Syllabus is the very first thing, which should be focused by all those candidates who are looking forward to appear in the Viteee exam. 

In this article we are basically going to make our discussion about the Viteee syllabus, important books and the study approach etc of VIT University. So, if you are going to appear in the Viteee 2019 exam then you must go through this full article. 

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VITEEE Important Books

So have you started preparing for the next coming Viteee exams? If yes then we believe that you are already having all the required collections of the books, which can help you to prepare for the exam in the most effective manner.

If you haven’t started your studies yet, then we believe that you might be struggling with finding the decent set of books to get going with your preparation for the exams. 

VITEEE books have always been one of the most significant aspects of preparing and cracking this exam. Here below we are suggesting with some of the best books which will help you in your preparation of the exams.

Suggested Important Books for Physics 

  • Objective Physics- By DC Pandey
  • Understanding about the series of physics- By DC Pandey 
  • Basic Concepts of Physics in 2 Parts- By H.C Verma
  • General Problems in Physics- I.E Irodov
  • Suggested Important Books for Chemistry 
  • Class XI and XII Text Books- NCERT Editor
  • Chemical Calculations- By R.C Mukerhjee
  • VITEEE Target- By Disha Experts
  • Chemistry Handbook- R.P Singh
  • Suggested Important Books for Mathematics 
  • VITEEE Target- By Disha Experts 
  • General Problems in Calculus- By I.A Maron
  • Objective Mathematics in 2 Parts- By R.D Sharma
  • Differential Calculus- By A Das Gupta

So, these are some of the best books for all the three major subjects of the Viteee exam. You are urged to include these books in your studies session and you are going to get a huge help in your studies from these books.

Study Approach to Success in VITEEE 2019

In this article we have provided you both the syllabus and the books for the Viteee preparation, but that’s not going to be enough alone.

What matters most after them is your study approach, that how you make the most of the provided syllabus and the books of the Viteee exam.

Here below we are providing you with some tips, which you should be following in your study approach for this exam.

  • First of all just know your syllabus well and understand the marking system of each subject so that you can prepare in the same rhythm.
  • Start studying as per the topics and it is highly recommended that first you should be done with your syllabus only after that you can refer to other study material.
  • Avoid procrastination and allot a specific time of the day to your studies only.
  • Follow the important books which have been specifically designed for the Viteee exam.
  • Don’t panic yourself and attain the Viteee exam mock test papers before appearing in the exam.

So, these are some of the major study tips which students should assimilate in their studies approach for the Vit entrance exams syllabus.

VITEEE Sample Papers 

Sample papers have always been around the students as one of the best exam guidance sources. The sample papers provide the students with an overview or with a reference as to how the main exam is going to be like.

When it comes to Viteee sample papers then we would highly suggest the sample papers as the part of Viteee preparation books. So if you are looking for the previous years sample papers of the Viteee exams then you are at the correct place.

Here we are attaching the sample papers of the Viteee exams which can be downloaded by the intended users.

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