UPSEE 2020 Syllabus For B.Tech

UPSEE 2020 Exam date is coming forward soon as we are about to head into the next year and in accordance with that, the candidates have started gearing up their preparation for the exam. UPSEE basically stands for the Uttar Pradesh State Entrance Examination, which is the gateway exam to study the various Undergraduate and t[formidable id=”1″ title=”1″][formidable id=”1″ title=”1″]
As the name suggests that UPSEE is conducted by the AKTU therefore in order to study the Engineering programs such as the B.Tech the candidate has to qualify the UPSEEE. Other than the B.Tech the UPSEE is mandatory for the other Bachelor and the PG programs such as the Architecture, Pharmacy etc programs of the University.

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We urge you to go through the entire article at once in order to get all such information so that you can take the exam with enough information in your hands and crack it with the flying colours.


Well if you are looking forward to having the information regarding the UPSEE 2020 exam date and want to make yourself aware with the basic overview of this exam then you are at the correct section of the article. 

We are here compiling the basic overview of the exam and you can check out the significant dates schedule of the various events of UPSEE 2020 so that you can follow up the events as they turn up.

Name of Event Date of Event
Commencement of Application form January 4th Week
Last Date of Form Submission March 4th Week
Last Date of Application Form Correction April 1st Week
UPSEE Admit Card Releasing Date April 2nd Week
Date of UPSEE Exam April 3rd Week
Answers Keys Release Date April 3rd Week
Date of UPSEE Result Announcement June 1st Week
UPSEE Counselling Commencement Date  June 4th Week

UPSEE 2020 Examination Syllabus

There are many aspirants of UPSEE who want to download UPSEE 2020 syllabus for their reference so that they can accordingly start their preparation for the exam with the access of applicable syllabus for the exam. The syllabus is the first thing which the candidates need to have before they start their preparation for the exam. 

We have divided the entire syllabus of the UPSEE 2020 into the different sections as per the subject so that the aspirants of the exam can easily get to understand the subject wise applicable syllabus of the exam for their reference.

UPSEE 2020 Syllabus for Physics

Physics is the first and the foremost subject of the UPSEE exam, which comes before the other subjects and therefore we are here attaching the UPSEE Physics syllabus here in this section. 

You are advised to thoroughly check out the syllabus which can also be printed by you or you can simply bookmark the page for your future reference.

S. No Name of Units
1 Electromagnetic Induction
2 Laws of Motion
3 Motion in Two Dimensions
4 Motions in One Dimension
5 Wave
6 Rotation of Rigid Body
7 Measurement
8 Modern Physics
9 Current Electricity
10 Magnetic Effect of Current
11 Gravitation
12 Wave Optics
13 Mechanics of Solids and Fluids
14 Magnetism in Matter
15 Electrostatics
16 Heat and Thermodynamics
17 Oscillatory Motion

UPSEE 2020 Syllabus for Chemistry

There are many students who want to score well in the chemistry section of the UPSEE exam and the best way to get going with it to first get the UPSEE chemistry syllabus. Having the proper syllabus in your hand you can draft the preparation strategy for the subject in your own way. 

Here we are dropping the topic wise Chemistry syllabus of the UPSEE 2020.


S. No Name of Units
1 Chemical Bonding
2 Atomic Structure
3 Redox Reaction
4 Acid-Base Concepts
5 Colloids
6 Periodic Table
7 Thermochemistry
8 General Organic Chemistry
9 Isomerism
11 Polymers
12 Solid State
13 Petroleum
14 Preparation and Properties of Hydrocarbons, Aldehydes, Ketones
15 Colligative Properties of Solution
16 Chemical Equilibrium/kinetics

UPSEE Syllabus for Mathematics

In the general scenario, the majority of the UPSEE aspirants are afraid of facing the mathmatics subject of the exam and therefore we urge the aspirants to plan their preparation of the exam topic by topic. 

You can here check out the entire UPSEE mathmatics syllabus to plan the effective study plan and overcome your fear of the subject.

S. No. Name of Units
1 Vectors
2 Statics
3 Calculus
4 Trigonometry
5 Algebra
6 Dynamics
7 Probability 
8 Coordinate Geometry


UPSEE Previous Years Question Paper

It’s always recommended in general to all the students that they must have the prospective approach to undertake the entrance exam like UPSEE. 

The best thing here to start the preparation of the exam is to understand the pattern of the question paper and for that purpose, the aspirants must check out the UPSEE previous years question papers, which will provide them with a decent insight about the pattern of the exam. 

We are here attaching the previous year question papers of the exam, which you can check for your better understanding and prepare for the exam in the right direction.

Download UPSEE 2016 Question Paper 

Download UPSEE 2017 Question Paper

Download UPSEE 2018 Question Paper

Best Books/Sources to Prepare for UPSEE 2020 Examination

UPSEE preparation books are the best and the most potent tool that you have to crack this exam with the flying colours. This is why you must be having the right set of books with you, in order to prepare yourself for the UPSEE exam in the best possible manner. 

We are recommending the UPSEE 2020 aspirants some of the best and the highly-rated books which will boost their preparation for the exam.


Physics Books Chemistry Books Mathmatics Books
Concept of Physics Part 1&2 by HC Verma NCERT Chemistry Books for Class 11&12 Engineering Mathmatics Volume 1&2 by Arihant Publications
Physics Handbook by Nipendra Bhatnagar Organic/Inorganic Chemistry by OP Tandon Complete Self Study Guide of UPTU 2020 by SN Sharma
Self Study Complete Guide for UPSEE 2020 by SC Gupta Modern Approach of Chemical Calculation by RC Mukherjee

How to Prepare for UPSEE 2020 Examination

UPSEE is although not that tougher exam in the engineering context of India, yet the exam requires the solid appropriate approach on the aspirant’s end to crack this exam.

Here are some general tips for the UPSEE aspirants which they should keep in their consideration while preparing for this exam.


  • Have the Rigid Study Plan 

You must make the proper study plan in order to start your preparation and stick to the program on a continuous basis. Understand the syllabus of the exam and then divide the syllabus into the slots to study each subject on a daily basis in accordance with the divided period of time. 


  • Study Material 

Yes, you must have the right set of the books in order to start your preparation for the exam since without having the right study material you can’t prepare for the exam in the best manner. You can check out the suggested books regarding the UPSEE exam which we have recommended in the above section of the article.


  • Finish & Revise the Syllabus 

It is always advisable to all the UPSEE aspirants to finish their syllabus well before the time and then revise it as the revision and practice makes you perfect. Make sure that you revise all the important topics of the exam in a good manner so that you can score well in the exam.


  • Take up the Mock Test Papers

The mock test papers are the last resources of evaluating your performance for the exam since any student can thoroughly check their performance by the way of mock test papers. These papers are drafted just like the real UPSEE papers and you can check your preparation for the exam on the basis of your performance in this exam. 


  • Focus on your health and Be Positive 

Health is wealth and your brain functions in the best rhythms when you have the fit body, therefore, you must focus on your health aspects. You are advised to do some regular exercise and have a healthy diet so that your mind has the best productivity for the exam to perform at its optimum state.


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