VIT Vellore University holds a record to place the most number of students in a session. Due to good placement cell, experienced teachers and good education quality every year, a large number of Students faces a tough competition to get admission in this institute. But does to get campus placement at VIT Vellore University is easy?  The answer is no. you have to follow some pro tips to win a job in college campus placement.

Get Campus Placement at VIT Vellore University


In this blog, you will get pro tips at VIT Vellore University Placement. Placement is an important stage of any student’s life. They work hard and prepare for everything but hardly a few students get a job. The main reason behind it is they are unknown with the following tips.


  1. Coding is important – Companies mostly ask candidates for coding. If you have learned at least one coding language during your study then it will put you one step ahead from other students get campus placement at VIT Vellore University.
  2. Take an overview of CompanyYou should know an overview of that company, in which interview you are going to sit. So make sure you read all about the company, what is company about, and the selection process. It can be asked in the interview.
  3. Training or internship – If you have completed an internship or Training then you must be known with the basics of that field. Companies give priority to those students who have known.
  4. Keep eyes on Current Affairs- Read newspapers and updated with the news, happening across the world. Apart from news, you should have knowledge about other things and most importantly aptitude.

TOP Tips for get Campus placement at VIT Vellore University :

  1. Don’t be late for the interview, Be on time-  Don’t be late for the interview, it’s the first step towards your job.
  2. Be Confident during the interview-  The only strength in front of the interviewer during the interview is confidence. Whatever you know about the answer just tell them softly by using your communication skill with confidence. Don’t be nervous.
  3. Don’t mumble or Show off – the interviewer who is sitting next to you has experience as he/she was a student also and taken an interview with many students. So they are familiar with the tricks and body language of the candidate.
  4. Surprise Interview- It may happen that you entered in interviewer’s cabin and then they get angry with you. In that case, don’t panic and keep yourself calm. It can be a stress interview for you to test your calm level.
  5. Be prepared about your Favorite subjects- you said your favorite subject is physics then They may ask you some questions from physics. So be prepared for it.
  6. Don’t Talk much- Keep your answer to the point, don’t talk too much until asked by the interviewers. If they want to know more about the question then they will ask you.
  7. Be professional during the interview- If you will be professional at every step of the interview, it will create a positive image in front of the HR of the company.
  8. Be prepared for the telephonic interview- Few companies make ask your second-round interview on the telephone. In this case, you should give them a time slot when you can give your best in the interview for get campus placement at VIT Vellore.

Top Companies came last year for an interview at VIT Vellore university:

HP TATA Wipro Google
Honda Zomato TVS IDBI Bank
Intel Hyundai Cerner Renault
Google Amazon TYCO Colgate

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