Placement is an important part of any student’s life. No matter they have studied during the whole duration of the course or not but students want to prepare for the placement part. They want to know, How to prepare for college placement? Or last-minute tips for college placement? So in this blog, you will get tips to improve aptitude and personality for placement. Especially, those students will get benefit from this blog want to Get Campus Placement at Thapar University.

Top 10 Strategies to Get Campus Placement at Thapar University

Thapar University Placement Cell impressive in 2019, the highest salary package was almost 39 LPA and the average salary package was 7 LPA. Many top companies like Amazon, Mahindra, Microsoft, and JP Morgan offered a good salary package to students of Thapar University. 9722 students have placed and a total of 282 companies have visited the campus, In the same year.

Most Important Tips for Thapar University Placement :

  • Learning Coding Language- It is important that you should learn at least one coding language. It will provide you an advantage over your rival students.
  • Have an overview of Company- The companies that come to Thapar University are top-rated and have a great record. So make sure you read all about the company and selection process. They may ask you about it.
  • Training- Training or internship is most Important. If you have a bit of knowledge about your work then it will help you as an advantage.
  • Be professional- If you will be professional at every step of the interview, it will create a positive image in front of the HR of the company.
  • Keep eyes on Current Affairs-  Read newspapers and updated with the news, happening across the world & Get Campus Placement at Thapar University.

Things to keep in Mind during Personal Interview :

  1. Be on time- Never be late for an interview, reach on time for an interview
  2. Be relaxed during the interview- Never lose your confidence and use your communication skill. Answer the question if you know well and if you feel nervous then do a mock test with your friend before the interview.
  3. Don’t Show off or tell lie- The person who is sitting next to you as a student also and know each trick that you can play to impress them. So never try to bluff them or mumble in front of them.
  4. Keep calm- It may happen that the interviewer may yell on you, in such case don’t panic and keep yourself calm. It can happen that they are planning for a stress interview for you to test your calm level.
  5. Be prepared about your Favorite subjects- They may ask you about your favorite subject then be prepare for it.
  6. Keep more than 3 copies of your resume- HR of the company may ask for a resume and keep it then you won’t  have anything to show the interviewer
  7. Don’t Talk too much- Keep your answer shorter and to the point. If they want to ask the answer in detail then they may ask you for it. Don’t speak too much.
  8. They may ask you for a telephonic interview- In this case, you give them a time when you can give your best in the interview. Be confident and chose a low noise place.

Top Companies who Came last year for the placement at Thapar university :

Microsoft IDC Walmart Lab Zomato DE Shaw
Philips Lighting India Honda Car Whirlpool Tata Consultancy Services
Hero Motocrop J.P.Morgan Maruti Suzuki India Ltd Wipro Technologies
Hero Motocrop TATA Projects Ltd Mahindra & Mahindra HCL Technologies

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