Students, you are now moving from school to college, and SRM university is one of the most demanding engineering colleges in South India. To get admission here you have passed SRMJEEE with good marks and paid a good amount as a fee. You came here to build your career in Engineering and Technology and it is important that you keep in mind some points about your goal and college. In this blog, you will get Top 10 Helpful Tips for First-Year Students at Srm University. This blog will be helpful for every engineering student who is going to enroll in the first year of engineering
Top 10 Helpful Tips for First year Students at SRM University

Top 10 tips: For Helpful First Year Students At SRM University:-

  1. Understand the difference between School and College- College is a completely different world from Schools. It is like the difference between a pencil and a pen. You can erase the written pieces by Pencils but not by pens. Now you have to be responsible, here you will get information in a huge amount. In school, you are getting information in a spoon-fed manner.
  2. Know about college and professor­- The SRM university has a huge campus that covers an area of more than 250 acres area. You must have to collect all information about SRM University. Great placement record, great facilities for students.  You should know about professors and this information you will get after joining college.
  3. Create a group of good friends- Make good friends, and create a group of friends. Be friendly with other students. it is not a story of one day but you are gone here till the next four years and you need friends.
  4. Use technology as a friend and learn more- The university offers so many technological tools and facilities for students. You have good internet connections across the campus.  Also, advanced computer labs and well-equipped library.
  5. Study Smart, and enjoy your college- You came here to study but it is important that you enjoy your college life also. College days are an important part of any student’s life. It will create memories for you.  
  6. Do practice, practice, and practice- Whatever you learn and studied, don’t forget to practice for it.
  7. Avoid troubles- Never mess with troubles, fights, or any problems.
  8. Create connections with seniors and professors- be in the good note of Seniors and professors. they will help you during college.
  9. Know students of other branches- Create connections in other branches and meet students of other classes.
  10. Follow the rules of college and hostels-  The hostels of SRM University are well equipped and full of facilities. You have to follow the rule of the college.

SRM University Admission Process:

  1. Choose the course you want to study, For example, If you have opted BTech
  2. You have to fulfill the admission eligibility criteria  and pass the entrance exam  of SRM University
  3. SRMJEEE is the entrance test for the BTech course.
  4. After counseling, you can proceed with the admission process.


SRM University has all the facilities for students to keep engage students in college. Sports facilities, Advanced library, campus fest, and other cultural activities usually organized by the university administration. The Campuses of SRM University is full of fun and activities. Also, there are many shopping malls and food outlets for students.


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