SRMJEEE exam pattern 2019


All the students who are going to appear in the SRMJEEE exams must make themselves aware with the SRMJEEE exam pattern, so that they can prepare themselves accordingly for the exams.

Here in this article we are going to discuss the exam pattern of the SRMJEEE along with the relevant applicable syllabus for this examination. You must be going through this entire article in order to have all the updates in the context of this examination, which we are going to cover below for the concern of all the students.
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SRMJEE Syllabus 2019

You can’t study for the SRMJEEE 2019 paper unless you have the complete information about the detailed syllabus of the exam. This is why you must make yourself aware with the SRMJEEE 2019 paper, and here below we are listing down the main syllabus of this exam in the tabular form, so that you can understand it easily.

  • Syllabus of Physics

  1. Units and Measurement Studies
  2. Mechanics Studies
  3. Study of Heat and Thermodynamics
  4. Wave and Ray Optics Studies
  5. Magnetism and Electricity Studies
  6. Nuclear Physics and Dual Nature of Matter
  7. Study of Atomic Physics and Relative Studies
  8. Electronics and Communication Studies


  • Syllabus of Chemistry

  1. Periodic Properties of Chemical Families
  2. Polymer Studies
  3. Studies of Chemical Equilibruim
  4. Study of Atomic Structure
  5. P Block Elements and the Chemical Bonding Studies
  6. Study of Chemical Thermodynamics and Energetics<
  7. Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry
  8. Hydrocarbons Studies
  9. Electrochemistry Studies
  • Syllabus of Mathematics

  1. Quadratic Equations and the Complex Number Studies
  2. Exercise of Sets,Relations and the Functions
  3. Matrices Studies
  4. Differential Calculus
  5. Algebra
  6. Statistics
  7. Geometry
  8. Combinatorics Studies

SRMJEEE Previous Year Question Papers 

Well we all want to have a source which can provide us the reference as to how the question paper of this exam is going to be and this is why SRMJEEE sample papers or the question papers are the great source of reference.  So, if you are looking for the previous year’s question papers of this exam then you are at the correct section.

Below we are attaching the SRMJEEE question papers of past several years which will help you in making your preparation as strong as you can. You can have a look over those question papers and then download them as per your requirements.

Important Books for SRMJEEE 2019 Preparation

It is always significant to follow the important books as a source of additional reference by the students who are going to appear in this exam. SRMJEEE 2019 paper is approaching and hence you need to refer the most suitable and the helpful study materials in the course of your studies, which will boost your chances of qualifying the examination.

Keeping this in our consideration we are going to provide you the list of important books for each subject and you are advised to go through the entire list to make yourself aware with the SRMJEEE exam pattern 2019.

Important Books for SRMJEEE 2019 Physics

There are the people who find the subject of physics very hard to be studied and thus they are always looking for the additional study materials.

We want to help all those students and thus here below we are suggesting them with the names of few physics books, which they can assimilate in their study material to study this subject well. 

Name of Book Author’s Name
NCERT Physics CBSE Board’s Publications
Basic Understanding of Physics D.C Pandey
Easy Concept of Physics H.C Verma


Important Books for SRMJEEE 2019 Chemistry 

Chemistry may be the nightmare for the majority of the students to be studied, since this subject is loved by the least number of the students in their academics. This is why the majority of the students are not able to score the good marks in this subject.

Here is the important books for the chemistry which you can refer to in the course of your SRMJEEE 2019 preparations.

NCERT Chemistry NCERT Publications

Name of Book Author’s Name
Understanding of Physical Chemistry O.P Tandon
Studies of Organic Chemistry O.P Tandon


Important Books for SRMJEEE 2019- Mathematics

Well, this is the one other subject of the SRMJEEE’s curriculum which is generally loved by the science background, yet there may be the students who might be having the hard time with this subject and here below we are suggesting them the few books.

These suggested books can also be referred by the students who are already good enough at the mathematics, but yet want to polish their preparation for the subject.

Name of Books Name of Author
Mathematics NCERT NCERT Publications
Mathematics’s Fundamental R.S Aggarwal
Study of Objective Mathematics R.D Verma


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