SRM University which is formally known as the Sri Ramaswamy Memorial Institute of Science and Technology is basically a deemed engineering University, which is located in the Tamil Nadu State of India.

The University was established long back in the year of 1985 and is currently known as one of the best engineering education Universities in the Southern region of the country. There are 4 campus of the SRM University in the country 3 of them are based in the southern region itself and the 1 other is located in the Delhi NCR. 

Earlier the University used to be known as the educational institution but considering the prominence of the Institution it was granted the status of a deemed Technical University back in the year 2003-2004. Presently SRM holds the status of the deemed University from the University Grant Commission(UGC). 

The SRM University is offering the broad range of the educational courses the majority of which is in the engineering stream. If we talk about the campus of the University then it built in the campus of over 250 acres of the land, and is offering the world class engineering education along with the modern engineering infrastructure.

The University has gained the A++ grade in the terms of engineering education by the Assessment and Accreditation Council and if you are planning to study any of the engineering courses from the University then it is going to be one of the best decision of your life for your education.

Here below in this article we are going to discuss the various aspects of engineering programs from the SRM University, which would surely help you to plan your engineering program from this University.

SRM University
SRM University

Courses Offered By SRM University

SRM is one of the oldest and the most prominent engineering Universities of India which is offering the wide range of engineering and the other kinds of courses to the aspiring students.

So, if you are willing to study any of the engineering or any other courses in the SRM University but are confused about the list of courses as are being offered by the University, then here we are going to make you free of that confusion.

Below we are listing down the list of engineering and other courses offered by the SRM University

  • Engineering Streams
  • B.Tech Civil Engineering 
  • B.Tech Automobiles Engineering
  • B.Tech Computer Science Engineering
  • B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • B.Tech Mechanical Engineering
  • M.Tech in all the streams
  • Undergraduate/Postgraduate Programs
  • BBA
  • MBA

These are the major programs of the SRM University and you can choose any of these courses as may be preferred by you. 

SRM University’s Eligibility Criteria of Admission for Indian Students 

If you finally chosen the SRM University to study your desired engineering courses then we must tell you that you have chosen one of the best available engineering University in India.

We would further like to tell you that you must check the admission criteria of the SRM University to make sure that you qualify that criteria and stand a chance to take admission into this University.

Below we are providing you the admission eligibility criteria for the Indian students to seek admission with SRM University.

  1. Candidate must have attained the age of 16+ at the time of the admission. 
  2. Candidate must have passed out the 10+2 examination from the recognized state or the central board of education such as CBSE,UP Board etc in the subjects of physics, chemistry and mathematics.
  3. In case you are seeking the admission in the Delhi NCR campus then you must have attained the 50% of the aggregate in the PCM stream
  4. You will need to have the aggregate of 60% marks in PCB stream in case you are seeking admission into the Kattankulathir campus of the SRM University.
  5. The candidate needs to have the PIO or OCI card issued by the central government of India in order to have the admission into the SRM UNIVERSITY.

SRM University’s Eligibility Criteria of Admission for Foreign students 

If you are someone who is a non resident Indian or a foreign student and seeking admission into the SRM University then you should be checking the eligibility criteria below.

  • Candidate must have spent minimum of the 12 years time period of studying in the subjects of physics,chemistry and biology/mathematics 
  • The minimum age of the candidate at the time of admission should be 16+ age. 
  • The foreign candidate will be required to have the PIO or the OCI card issued by the central government as without it the admission process can’t be processed. 
  • Admission Process in SRM University Once you check the eligibility criteria of the SRM University then the next thing which you need to check is the admission process. Admission process is basically an act of full-filling the certain formalities by visiting the University campus.

The admission process also includes the entrance exam of the University, which has to be qualified by every such student who is seeking admission into the University.

Below we are providing you the full admission process of the SRM University which you need to keep in your consideration. 

  • Undergraduate Admission Process of B.Tech and all other engineering programs
  • The candidate needs to have the 60% minimum marks aggregate in order to have the admission into the Kattankulathur campus on the other hand the minimum marks criteria is 50% in the Delhi NCR campus. 
  • Further the candidates have to take up the SRMJEEE entrance exam and only after the qualification of the exam the candidate will be eligible for the admission into the University.
  • There is also a direct admission provisions from the SRM University but it is only applicable for the students who have qualified the IIT JEE exams and are in the top 1000 merit list of the students.
  • Admission Process for the B.Arch Program 
  • There is no entrance exam conducted for the students who want to take admission into the B.Arch program of the University but candidates will have to fullfill the other admission criterias .
  • Candidate must have passed 10+2 examination with the minimum 50% marks agreegeate. 
  • Candidate must have qualified the exam of National Aptitude Test in Architecture in order to seek the direct admission.
  • Post graduates Admission Process 

There are many kinds of post graduates engineering programs in the SRM University and below we are providing you the admission process for those post graduate engineering courses.

  • M.Tech Engineering Program- 60% of the minimum marks aggregate and the bachelor degree in the B.E/B.Tech Civil/ Civil Infrastructure Engineering etc.
  • Construction Engineering/Management Program- 60% Aggregate marks in any of the Bachelor engineering programs 
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing- 60% Minimum marks aggregate in any stream of the Bachelor engineering programs.

How to get admit card of the SRM University 

The admit card of the SRM University is the examination document which is issued by the University to the students who have applied for the examination of the University. The admit card will enable the students to appear in the exam as it contains the examination related information about the candidate.

If you are a student of the SRM University and have applied for any exam of the University, then you can download the admit card of the University. Here is how you can do that

  1. Go to Google search engine and there type the URL of the website as 
  2. It is the official website of the SRM University where you can check the admit card of the University 
  3. Once you arrive at the website then look for the admit card section of the University.
  4. Now in the admit card section you will be required to provide your registration information. 
  5. After the successfully submission of the registration details you will be able to see your admit card on the display of computer screen. 
  6. Now you can easily download or print the admit card from there.

Keep in mind that you will be required to take this admit card with you, while going to the examination hall and take up the exam.

Fee Structure of the SRM University 

Fee Structure is the significant aspect in the consideration of any student who is looking forward to take admission into any educational institution.

We all need to have the fee structure of the University in which we wish to study any of the course, so that we can arrange our fund accordingly and then take the final decision that whether we can afford the education from the concerned University. 

As you are planning to study the engineering courses in the SRM University hence you also should make yourself aware with the fee structure of the University.

Here below we are making this of your task easy by providing you the fee structure of the SRM University.

Name of the Course Duration of the Course Fee Structure of the Course
Bachelor of Technology 4  Years Program First Year Fee-260000, Second Year Fee-250000, Third Year Fee- 250000, Fourth Year Fee-250000
Master of Business Administration 2 Years Program First Year Fee-300000, Second Year Fee-310000
Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery 4 Years 6 Months Program Full Program Fee- 2260000
Bachelor of Science 3 Years Program Full Program Fee- 155000
Bachelor of Arts 3 Year Program Full Program Fee- 155000
Bachelor of Commerce 3 Year Program Full Program Fee- 155000

Facilities Provided by the SRM University 

A student needs the several kinds of basic facilities and amenities in the course of his/studying any course since without these facilities a student can’t study in the comfortable manner.

SRM University takes this aspect into its consideration and thus provides its students with the basic facilities so that the students can finish their studies in a due manner. 

  • Below we are providing you the list of some basic facilities as are provided by the SRM University. 
  • Hostel and the mess facilities so that students can stay in the University’s campus itself. 
  • Internet and the library facilities to keep the students updated.
  • Sports grounds facilities to encourage the students towards the sports activities. 
  • Laboratories facilities for the research purpose. 
  • Recreation facilities for the occasional entertainment of the students. 
  • Separate hostel facilities for both the boys and girls so that the unisex atmosphere of education can be maintained. 

These are some of the basic and major facilities which are provided by the SRM University. Other than these there are many other facilities provided by the University which you will experience once you visit the campus. 

Scholarship by SRM University 

We all aspire to study the engineering courses from the top notch and well recognized engineering Universities but not everyone of us gets admission into our dream Universities. The major reason behind that is the fee as generally the fee structure of the top engineering Universities is high which cant be afforded by all categories of the students.

SRM University has made special provisions in this regard for those students as it offers the scholarship program to the financially weaker students of our society who can’t afford the fee of the University. 

Below we are providing you the scholarship criteria of the University for your concern and if you qualify that criteria then you would be able for the SRM Scholarship program of the University. 

SRM Founders Scholarship 

This scholarship program of the University is applicable for those students who have secured their place in the top 100 students of SRMJEEE merit list. Further the top 1000 rank holders of the IIT JEE exams can also apply for this scholarship program of the University 

Quantum of Scholarship- 100% Scholarship will be awarded to these students which means the students who are falling in this category will get 100% refund of their fee,tuition fee and the hostel/mess facilities 

SRM Merit Scholarship 

This is the other type of scholarship to the students who are in the rank merit of the SRMJEEE from the 101 to the 1000 students. 

Quantum of Scholarship- In this category students will be award 75% refund of their fee. The hostel and the mess charges wont be refined in this category.

SRM Socio Economic 

This scholarship has been designed and made applicable only for those students who come from the financially weaker section. There is no merit qualifying criteria for this scholarship. 

Quantum of Scholarship- In this scholarship students will be award the fee refund of anywhere between 25% to 100% 

Differentially Abled Social Scholarship

This scholarship program is applicable only for the Handicapped students who come in the differetially abled category. Quantum of Scholarship- In this scholarship also students will be provided the fee refund of 25% to 100%.

So, these are some of the available scholarship programs of the SRM University and you are advised to visit the official website of the SRM University to have the more information about the scholarship program of the University. 

Counseling and Important Announcements 

SRM Counseling of the SRM University is the live session of the University with the students or aspirants who are seeking admission into the University. We advise you to visit the counselling session of University in order to have the more information about the University and raise your query.

Here below are the contact information of the University for your concern. 
Phone : +91-44-4743-7500
Website :

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