All the students who are looking forward to studying their desired program in the Manipal University must make themselves aware with the MU OET exam pattern. We know that MU OET is the entrance exam of the University by qualifying, which a candidate can seek admission into the Manipal University.

Here in this article we are going to discuss the MU OET exam pattern along with the MU OET previous years question papers, which in combined are going to help you in making your preparations well for the exam. It is advisable to read the entire article to make the most of it for your concern.
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MU OET Syllabus 2019

Syllabus of the MU OET is the very first and the significant aspect of the Manipal University, which a candidate must be aware of before appearing in the MU OET exam.

We can’t prepare for the exam until we are fully aware with the syllabus of the MU OET exam, which we have to cover in our preparations. Here is the major syllabus of the studies for the MU OET exam.

  • Mathematics 

Yes mathematics is the prime subject of MU OET exam’s syllabus as it contains the 70 questions alone out of the total 200 questions.

As per the recent analysis the mathematics is going to be the most toughest section of the exam, hence you need to prepare for it accordingly.

  • Physics 

Physics is the other subject of MU OET exam’s syllabus and it contains the 50 questions which are generally asked from the NCERT books up to 12th standard.

  • Chemistry 

You need to make special preparation for the chemistry subject as it may sometimes become the most tricky question part of the exam. It contains 50 questions which are concerned with the NCERT books.

  • English and General Aptitude 

This section is consisted of the 30 questions which are set from the english grammar subjects and from the reasoning aptitude. The purpose of this section is to check the common sense and the general reasoning of the candidates.

MU OET Previous Years Questions Papers 

It is very widely and the rightly said that MU OET sample papers and the previous year question papers play the significant role in the exam preparation of the candidate. We strongly advise you to refer the as many MU OET previous years question papers as you can.

It will provide you with the reference as to what kind of questions are asked in the examination in the past several years, and how you should be preparing for your exam as well. You can get the previous year papers of MU OET from here or you can seek for them at the various other websites.

Important Books for MU OET 2019 Preparation

It is always advisable to all the candidates that they must be having the appropriate study material in their hands in order to prepare well for this MU OET 2019 paper. You should be choosing one such set of the books, which have been highly relevant for the exam purposes.

Here below we are listing down some of the best books for each subject of the MU OET exam, and we believe you will get a significant help from these books.

Important Books for MU OET 2019- Physics

If you find the subject of physics a little hard to be studies then you must be reading one of the best physics books, which has been designed specifically for the MU OET physics subject.

Concepts of Physics Part 1 H.C Verma
Concepts of Physics Part 2 H.C Verma
Understanding of Physics Series D.C Pandey

Other than it we always suggest the candidates to read the NCERT books in a very thorough manner, since the majority of the portion for the exam is picked from there. 

Important Books for MU OET 2019- Chemistry

Chemistry is although one of the most favourite subjects for the science stream students, but it can also be a nightmare for few students and thus here below we are suggesting some books to those students.

We urge you to cover all the NCERT syllabus of the chemistry along with these books.

Study of Organic Chemistry Morrison Boyd.
Study of Inorganic Chemistry O.P Tandon
Numerical Chemistry’s Studies P. Bahadur
Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations R.C Mukharjee
Concise Studies of Inorganic Chemistry J.D. LEE

Important Books for MU OET 2019- Mathmatics

There is no doubt that mathmatics is the most scoring and also the toughest subject of the MU OET exam’s syllabus. It contains 70 questions and thus you need to shape your preparations significantly well for this particular exam.

Below are some books which you can integrate to prepare well for this subject.

General Problems in Calculus I.A Maron
Higher Algebra Studies Hall and Knight
Trignometry, Geometry Books S.L Loney
XII Standard Mathmatics R.D Sharma


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