Manipal University which is presently known as the Manipal Academy of Higher Education is a private deemed University, which is located in the Udupi town of Karnataka state. The University is one of the oldest Universities in the country having its establishment date in the year of 1956. 

The University was basically founded by the T.M A Pai and it was founded as India’s first private medical school then later the University got expanded and start offering the engineering and the management educations. After few years of the operation the it got the status of the deemed University

In the present scenario it is known as one of the widest Universities in India having offering of the medical, engineering and the Technical course for the aspiring students. The University also offers the several kinds of graduation and the postgraduate academics programs such as the BA/B.COM/B.SC.

So, if you are planning to study the engineering or any kind of courses in the Manipal University then this of our article is going to be helpful for you. You can find the details of all the courses offered by the University along with the fee structure.

Manipal University

Courses Provided by the Manipal University 

Manipal University is one of the best available Universities for the students who are living in the state of Karnataka and want to puruse their career ahead in the engineering domain.

If you are also planning to study your dream engineering program from the Manipal University and hence are looking for the courses offered by the Manipal University then you are at the correct article.

There are many engineering courses which are being offered by the Manipal University Sikkim and here we are providing you the list of those engineering colleges for your concern.

  • Engineering Stream Courses
  • Bachelor of Technology 
  • Civil Engineering 
  • Chemical Engineering 
  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering 
  • Automobile Engineering 
  • Management Streams Courses
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Medical Stream Course
  • MBBS
  • BDS
  • Nursing Courses
  • Graduate/Post Graduate Stream
  • B.SC
  • BBA
  • BA
  • B.COM
  • B.DES
  • B.ARCH

As you can see that there is the wide variety of the courses, not only in the engineering stream, but also in the medical, management and the Undergraduate/Postgraduate streams.

This is the reason that why the Manipal University is also known as the most versatile University of Country.

Manipal University’s Eligibility Criteria of Admission for Indian Students 

Manipal University is one of the most sought Universities in India by the wide numbers of the students due to its wide course offering list. The University is well recognized not only in India but also at the international scale since there come the numbers of the students from the other countries as well to study the various kind of courses. 

This is the reason that why the admission criteria of the Manipal University is the hot researched subject on Internet.

Here we are going to discuss the admission eligibility criteria of the University in a detailed manner for the Indian students.

  • Candidate must be the Indian citizen in order to have admission in the University.
  • Candidate must have passed out the 10+2 grade exam from the state or the central board of studies which must be recognized by the Manipal University.
  • Further the Maths,physics, chemistry, biology and the english must have been the studied subjects in the 10+2 grade exams of the University.
  • Candidates must have secured minimum of the 50% marks in the above mentioned mandatory subjects of 10+2. 
  • There is no minimum age criteria specified from the Manipal University of the students to seek admission with the University.
  • Candidates will also be required to score minimum of the 50% marks in the entrance exam of the University as per the concerned stream

Manipal University’s Eligibility Criteria of Admission for Foreign Students

If you are a non Indian student means a student who is not a Indian citizen and wants to have admission in the Manipal University then you would also be required to meet the eligibility criteria of admission.

Manipal University has specified the different criteria for the national and the International students seeking admission with the University. Here is the admission eligibility criteria of the University for foreign students.

  • The foreign students will need to provide the PIO/OCI certificate as issued by the central government to them. 
  • Foreign students will also need to submit the copies of the passport and Visa to the University at the time of admission. 
  • Candidate must have spent minimum of 12 years time period of studies in the subjects of physics,chemistry,biology and mathmatics. 
  • English must have been the medium of studies for the foreign students. 
  • There is no minimum age qualifying criteria for the foreign students as well. 
  • Admission Process in Manipal University 

Here above we just discussed about the eligibility criteria of the University, which must be satisfied by the students who are willing to have admission in the University.

Now the next step which comes ahead is the admission process, and here don’t make any mistake to understand that the eligibility criteria and the admission process are the two different things.

The eligibility criteria is the overall criteria of applying for the admission in the University, while the admissions process is consisted of the processes which must be processed to have admission into any stream/course of the University. 

Here we are going to provide you the admission process of the University for the different- different streams.

Manipal University Sikkim

Undergraduate Courses Admission Process in Manipal University 

If you are willing to take up the undergraduate courses of studies in any stream then you must satisfy the eligibility criteria of the admission to process the admission procedure.

Here below is the Undergraduate courses criteria of the Manipal University 

Undergraduate Medical Streams

All the medical stream students, who are seeking admission into the medical streams such as the MBBS/BDS/ will be required to take and qualify the exams of National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test to have the admission into these streams. 

Undergraduate B.Arch Stream

Here the candidates who are willing to take admission into the B.Arch program of the University will be required to qualify the entrance exam of National Aptitude Test in Architecture and then can apply for the admission.

Engineering Stream

The Undergraduate admission in the engineering domain will be conducted on the basis of the rank of students in the Manipal Entrance Test. The test is also known as the MET and is conducted on all Indian level basis.

Undergraduate Management Streams 

The admission in the management streams for the management courses like Master of business Administration will also be based on the basis of Manipal Entrance Test. 

Post Graduate Admission Process 

The admission into the post graduates courses of the Manipal University is taken without any entrance exam,however the candidate must have passed out the Bachelor degree program from any recognized University with minimum of the 50% passing marks.

You can apply for the post graduate program of the University in any stream such as the engineering,medical or the management, and here the available seats will be granted on the basis of first come first serve basis. 

How to get Admit Card of the Manipal University

If you are studying any kind of course in the Manipal University and have recently applied for the exam of the University then you will be required to have the admit card in order to appear in the examination of the University.

Admit card is a document which works like an identity card and is issued by the Manipal University to the students who have applied for the exam of the University. It helps in assessing the personal information of the candidate, and then in the determination of whether the candidate is eligible to sit in the exam hall.

Here below we are providing our step by step guide which will help you in downloading the admit card of the University. 

  • Go to the Google search engine of your web browser and there type the URL address as and enter on search. 
  • It is the official website of the Manipal University from where you can get the admit card. 
  • Once the website is open you will see the admit card section in that window.
  • Click on the admit card section and then you will be redirected to the admit card page.
  • There you will need to provide your registration details correctly. 
  • Provide the registration details and submit them then you will be able to see your admit card on your computer’s screen.
  • Now from there you can download or print this admit card easily. 

Check all the printed information on the admit card that whether all the details are correct or not, and then you are are required to take the admit card with you in the examination hall. Admit card will grant you the permission of appearing in the exam.

Fee Structure of the Manipal University 

Fee structure is the other significant aspect of the University with which every student should be aware of. It is always better to understand the fee structure of the University in order to plan your admission in the Manipal University.

Here for your concern we are providing you the fee structure of the Manipal University, which will help you to plan your admission as per your budget. 

Name of the Course Duration of the Course Fee Structure
Bachelor of Technology 4 Years Program First year Fee-305000, Second Year Fee-382000, Third Year Fee- 382000, Fourth Year Fee- 382000
Master of Business Administration 2 Years Program First Year Fee- 28200, Second Year Fee- 272000
Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery First Year Fee-1124000, Second Year Fee-1114000, Third Year Fee-1114000, Fourth Year Fee- 1114000, Fifth Year Fee-557000
Bachelor of Arts 3 Years Program First Year Fee- 175000, Second Year Fee-165000, Third Year Fee-16500
Bachelor of Commerce 3 Years Program First Year Fee- 137000, Second Year Fee- 127000, Third Year Fee-127000

Scholarship by Manipal University 

If you are one such student who belongs to the financially weaker section and yet you are willing to have admission in the Manipal University, then we believe the scholarship program of the University may help you in such situation.

Manipal University offers the scholarship program to those students who are unable to pay their full or partial fee, so that the aspiring students can make their dreams come true. Here below we are providing you the basis of Manipal University’s scholarship program.

If the candidate reserves his/her place in the first 5000 ranks of the Manipal Entrance Test, then all those candidates will be granted the scholarship in accordance to their parents income. The scholarship basis will be as follows. 

  • Parents Income upto 5 Lakhs Rupees- Candidate will be granted full 100% refund of fee
  • Parents Income beyond 5 lakhs but upto 7.5 lakhs- 75% fee relaxation will be granted to the candidate as scholarship relief
  • Parents Income upto 10 Lakhs- 50% refund of the fee as the scholarship relief
  • Parents Income upto 12.5 Lakhs- 25% refund of fee as the scholarship relaxation 
  • Parents Income beyond 12.5 Lakhs- 10%refund of the fee as the scholarship relaxation 

This is the Manipal Entrance Test’s based rank achieved scholarship program of the Manipal University, which is applicable only for the students who have earned any rank in the first 5000 students.

Other than it there are some other scholarship programs as well from the University which you can check by visiting the website of the University.

Facilities Provided by the Manipal University 

A student needs some basic facilities or amenities in the course of his/her studies so that the students can finish the education without any lack of the basic necessities.

Manipal University takes complete care of its students and hence provides its students with some of the basic facilities so that the students don’t have to suffer.

Here are the list of facilities that you can expect from the Manipal University. 

  • Hostel with the mess facilities where students can stay with the healthy food supply. 
  • Gym and the sports ground so that the students can remain active in such activities. 
  • Internet and the library facilities to broaden the knowledge purview of the students. 
  • You will get the big spacious lecture halls in the University’s campus where you can study with your own space. 
  • There are the separate hostels rooms in the University to sustain the unisex educational atmosphere in the campus. 

These are the major facilities which you will receive in the University other than there are many other minor facilities from the University to the students.

Counselling and Important Announcements 

If you are looking forward to take the admission in the Manipal University then we would encourage you to to visit the website of the University, and from there you can get the relevant information about the University counselling.

You can take part in the counsellig session of the University and ask the relevant question whatever might be bothering you in your mind.

Here below we are providing the contact information of the Manipal University. You can use this contact information to reach the officials of the University and ask your query.

Contact Us :

Phone +91- 9243777733



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