Galgotias University is an educational University which was established in the greater Noida. It was established in the year of 2011 and is recognized by the University Grant Commission. Galgotias University is one of the best private Universities in the country which are offering the combined education of the engineering and the management programs. 

The University has achieved several kinds of awards on the basis of its excellent standards of education with world class studies infrastructure. You can plan your engineering program from the University or you can even study the academics program at the University at very reasonable fee package.

Here in this article we are basically going to discuss the various courses offered by the Galgotias University, so that you can have an idea about the programs of the best university and then can plan your desired course accordingly.


Courses Provided by the Galgotias University 

Galgotias University is prominently known as one of the best private engineering Universities in India which offers the varieties of other courses as well. So, if you are looking for the detailed information of the courses offered by the University, then here we are attaching the list of offered courses below.

  • Engineering Stream Courses 
  • Bachelor of Technology 
  • Civil Engineering 
  • Computer Science Engineering 
  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Electrical Engineering 
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering 
  • Management Stream Courses
  • Master of Business Administration 
  • Information Technology Management 
  • International Business Management 
  • Business Analytics 
  • Financial Management 
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management Etc
  • Other Academics Undergraduate Courses
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Commerce 
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Business Administration 
  • Bachelor of Law
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy 
  • Bachelor of Education 
  • Bachelor of Computer Application etc. 

We have divided the list of courses into the various domains for your easy understanding.

These are the main courses offerings from the Galgotias University and you can choose any of these Galgotias University Course as per your preferences.

Admission Eligibility Criteria of Galgotias University for Indian Students 
Each and every students who are willing to study the engineering or any other kind of program from the Galgotias University must be aware with the admission eligibility criteria of the University.

This admission criteria is mandatory to be satisfied by the students in order to reserve their sit into the University.

Here below is the admission criteria of the University for the Indian students. 

  • Candidate must have passed out the 10+2 grade exam from the recognized Board of education minimum with the 50% passing marks in case of the academics graduate courses. 
  • The passing percentage criteria of the 10+2 exam is minimum of the 60% with the physics, chemistry and the mathematics subjects for the engineering programs of the University. 
  • Candidate must be of minimum 17+ years of age. 
  • Candidate will be required to qualify the entrance exam of the University for the concerned courses of the University. 
  • Admission Eligibility Criteria of the Galgotia University for the Foreign Students 

All the foreign and the non residents Indian students will be required to qualify the below mentioned crtiera in order to take admission into the Galgotias University. 

  • The attested copies of the passport and visa will be submitted to the University by the students. 
  • In case of the engineering program of the University the candidate must have spent minimum of the 12 years of studies in the subjects of physic,chemistry and mathmatics along with the english medium of the studies.
  • Equivalence certificate form will also be required by the University from the foreign students.
  • 10th and the 12th grade exams transcript marksheet copy will also be required.
    Graduation marksheets for the Undergraduate programs of the University. 
  • Admission Process in Galgotia University 

There is a difference between the eligibility criteria and the admission process of the University. The admission process is concerned with the admission into the particular course of the University while the admissions criteria is just the application criteria.

Here below we are going to provide you the admission process of the University.

Undergraduate Admission Process of the Galgotia University 
If you are seeking for the admission process of the Galgotia University for the undergraduate course then here you can check it.

  • Undergraduate Engineering Stream Courses Admission -Bachelor of Technology/ Computer Science/Electrical Engineering/Information Technology and all other undergraduates engineering courses.
  • Candidate must have qualified the 10+2 grade exams with the compulsory subjects of the mathematics and physics with the minimum passing criteria of 50%
  • Further the candidates must have qualified the exam of either UPSEE or AIEEE in order to have the admission into the engineering domains.
  • Other Academics Undergraduate Courses 
  • B.SC- Minimum of the 50% passing aggregate marks in the 10+2 exams with the subjects of physics, chemistry and mathmatics/biology 
  • B.A- Minimum of the 50%marks in the 10+2 grade exams.
  • B.Arch- Minimum of the 50% marks in the 10+2 exams with the Physics chemistry and biology subjects and the qualified entrance exam of NATA.

Postgraduate Courses Admission Process of Galgotia University 

Here is the Galgotias university admission process for the post graduate programs of the University.

Management Stream Undergraduate Courses Admission Process 

  • Master of Business Administration and all other related management streams-Candidate needs to have the bachelor degree in any stream and must have qualified the entrance exam of either CAT/MAT/UPSEE
  • Engineering Stream Postgraduate Courses
  • Master of Technology in all the engineering streams- In order to have the admission into any postgraduate engineering program of the University the candidate will be required to have the bachelor degree in the same discipline with the 60% minimum passing marks. 
  • Academic Post Graduate Course 

Here the candidates will be required to having scored minimum of the 50% passing marks in the relevant undergraduates courses in order to seek the admission into the M.SC/M.A/M.COM undergraduate programs of the University.

galgotias college of engineering and technology
galgotias college of engineering and technology

How to get Admit Card of the Galgotias University 

We know that admit card is a mandatory document for any candidate who wants to take the exam of the Galgotias University. The admit card is basically issued by the University few days before the exams and the admit card contains the exam relevant information about the candidate such as the name of the candidate, name of the exam, name of the centre etc.

So, if you are the student of the Galgotias University and have applied for the exam then you need to have the admit card so that you can appear in the exam. Here below is our step by step guide by which you can easily get the admit card of the Galgotias University. 

  • Open your Google search engine and there search with the URL for the official website of the Galgotias University. 
  • Provide the URL as and then make your search. 
  • You will arrive at the official website of the University following the URL.
  • There you will find the admit card section and then click on it. 
  • You wll arrive at the admit card page and will be asked to provide the exam registration credentials. 
  • Once you provide the correct examination credentials then your admit card would be visible on the computer screen.
  • Now you can download or print the admit card easily. 

Once you get the admit card you are advised to check the printed details on it to be sure that all the exam related details are correct.

You will need to take this admit card with you in the examination hall to take the permission of sitting in the exam.

Fee Structure of the Galgotias University 

Fee structure is the other significant aspect which is considered by the students while seeking admission into the Galgotias University. Fee Structure allow the students to make their budget accordingly so that they can take the final decision about taking the final decision of admission into the Galgotias University.

Here below we are providing you the fee structure of the Galgotias University, by which you can consider your budgeting aspects and then take the decision accordingly. 

Bachelor of Technology 4 Years Program 149000 Per Annam. Master of Computer Application3 Years Program 92000 Per Annam

Name of the Program Duration of the Program Fee Structure
Bachelor of Computer Application 3 Years Program 77000 Per Annum
Master of Business Administration 3 Years Program 149000 Per Annum
Bachelor of Commerce 3 Years Program 95000 Per Annum
Bachelor of Arts 3 Year Program 50000 Per Annum
Bachelor of Science 3 Years Program 95000 Per Annum
Bachelor of Law 3 Years Program 60000 Per Annum
Bachelor of Education 2 Year Program 50000 Per Annum
Bachelor of Business Administration 3 Years Program 77000 Per Annum
Bachelor of Architecture 5 Years Program 175000 Per Annum

Facilities Provided by the Galgotias University 

Any educational Institute is supposed to provide some basic necessities to the students in the course of their studies so that students don’t lack those necessities and can complete their courses without any trouble.

Galogitas takes care of its students and hence provide them with the basic facilities which are essentials for the students in their daily campus lives.

Here below we are listing down those facilities provided by the Galgotias University. 

  • Mess and the hostel facilities for the proper shelter and the healthy food supplies. 
  • Separate hostel rooms building for the boys and girls so that the unisex education atmosphere can be maintained. 
  • Medical and such other emergency facilities for the healthcare of the students. 
  • Sports grounds and the gym facilities for the students. 
  • Spacious lecture halls for the students so that they can have their own spce of studies. 
  • Internet and the Library facilities. 

These are some of the main basic facilities as are provided by the Galgotias University and you can find other facilities as well from the University in the campus of the University.

Scholarship by the Galgotia University 

Scholarship is the most important financial assistance which can be provided by any educational institution to its students. The scholarship assistance helps those students who can’t afford the fee package of the University due to their financial background yet want to pursue their dreams of studying into the concerned University.

Galgotias University respects the ambition and the spirit of such students and hence offer them the scholarship program so that they can fly with their dreams. Here below we are providing you the scholarship program of the University for the eligible candidates. 

The scholarship program of the Galgotias University is based on the merit, where the academics performance of the students is taken as the base criteria for the scholarship.

Here is the detailed scholarship criteria of the University. 

Toppers of the University/Board Eligible for the 100% tuition fee waiver 

If any student has topped his/her school or University then the student will be granted the 100% relief in the tuition fee of the University. It is a simple and straight scholarship program only for the toppers of all boards or Universities.

  1. Top 4000 Rank Holders of IIT JEE are Eligible for the 50% Tuition fee waiver

Now this 50% relief in the tuition fee is granted to the students who have earned the rank in first 4000 qualified IIT JEE students. 

2. Top 100 Rank Holders of UPSEE exam are eligible for the 50% tuition fee waiver

The students who have qualified the exam of UPSEE with rank among the top 100 will be granted 50% fee waiver for their tuition fee. 

3. 93% Marks Holders in 10+2 PCM exams are eligible for the 25% Tuition Fee Waiver

If any student who has scored minimum of the 93% passing marks aggregate in the 10+2 exam then those students will also be granted 25% tuition fee waiver.

4. 25% Tuition Fee Waiver for the Candidate Scored 80% and above marks in Undergraduate Streams

The students who have passed out the graduate examination in any of the streams with minimum 80% aggregate passing marks will be granted 25% tuition fee waiver in the program of the Galgotias University.

5. 20% Tuition Fee Waiver for upto 5000 Rank in the AIEEE Exams 

Students who have qualified the AIEEE exams with any rank among the top 5000 rank holders would also be granted the 20% tuition fee waiver. 

6. 20% Tuition Fee Waiver for minimum 70% Tile in the CAT

The management streams students who have qualified their exam with minimum of the 70% tile would also be award with the 20% tuition fee waiver. 

So, these are the main scholarship programs of the Galgotias University for the different categories of the students and you can apply for the one such scholarship program of the University whose eligibility criteria is met by you.

There are some other sports quota scholarship programs as well from the University to the students of sports background. You can check the details about that scholarship program of the University by visiting their official website. 

Counseling and Important Announcements 

If you are having many other queries regarding the admission process or the courses offered by the University then you can attend the counseling session of the Galgotia University.

The University conducts the counseling session in each academic year for the students who are looking forward to take admission into the University and are having many queries for that purpose.

In the counseling session you can ask any kind of query from the officials of the University regarding the course and the scope of the course. You would be provided the full assistance from the University’s officials along with the future prospective to your career.

Here below we are further attaching the contact details of the Galgotia University where you can contact the officials of the University. 

Contact Us:
Phone- +91 9582847072 

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