Vellore Institute of Technology Vellore is one of the prominent Engineering colleges in its class. It was founded in 1984 and established in Vellore. VIT Vellore University is also known as VIT Vellore and to get admission here you have to pass the VITEEE exam. In this article, you will have Complete Fee structure details of VIT Vellore University, Hostel fee, and Hostel life at VIT Vellore and scholarship offered by VIT Vellore University.

VIT Vellore University

Complete Fee Structure Details of VIT Vellore

This Institute offers various courses to study including Btech, Mtech, MBA and etc. different courses have different fee structure and admission eligibility criteria. Apart from tuition fees, students who want to accommodate in the hostel of VIT Vellore University, have to pay according to the hostel fee Structure of VIT Vellore. Here is the complete fee structure of the courses offered by Vit Vellore.

B.Tech- Students who want to get enrolled in Btech courses have to apply for VITEEE and once he/she gets admission to the Vellore Institute of Technology than on an average fee to be paid for Btech course is 7.8 lakhs. This fee does not include the hostel fee and other fees.

Branches and Completed Fee Structure of VIT Vellore

Courses Fee Structure
B.Arch 14.25 Lakh
Computer Science and engineering Bioinformatics 7.83 Lakh
Civil Engineering 7.00 Lakh
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 7.00 Lakh
Chemical Engineering 7.00 Lakh
Information Technology 7.00 lakh
Automotive Engineering 7.80 lakh
Production and Industrial Engineering 7.00 Lakh
Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering 7.00 Lakh
Computer Science Engineering 7.83 lakh
Biotechnology 7.00 Lakh
Computer Science and Engineering (Information security) 7.83 lakh
Mechanical Engineering 7.83 lakh
Electronics and Communication Engineering 7.83 Lakh
Computer Science and Engineering With Specialization 7.80 Lakh
Computer Science and Engineering Data Science 7.83 Lakh

M.Tech-  For Studies, the fee is 5.96 lakh. This is the total fee except for the hostel fee. Fees of all Mtech branches are the same.

Mtech Branches at VIT Vellore

  1. Computer Science Engineering
  2. CSE information Technology
  3. Bio-Technology
  4. CSE (Big Data Analytics)
  5. Computer and Communication Engineering
  6. Structural Engineering
  7. Communication Engineering
  8. Sensor Technology

MBA- To pursue MBA from VIT Vellore, students will pay 6 lakhs for the complete courses. It is a two-year course so if you will accommodate in hostels then it will be paid separately.


23 hostel buildings are on the campus of VIT Vellore Institute, 6 of them for girls, and the rest of them for boys. Hostels have all facilities for students from the Internet to the swimming pool, Shopping malls to Cafeterias. You can say it is a small city inside the college campus. There is a facility for you that you can choose from AC and Non-Ac rooms. it obvious that fees will be different.

Category of Rooms                               Hostel fee Structure of VIT Vellore

2 Bed (Non AC)                                                          68,200 INR per Year

2 Bed (AC)                                                                   1,07,000 INR Per year

2 BHK Apartment (AC)                                                1,50,000 INR per year

2 BHK Apartment (Non- AC)                                       1,33,000 INR Per year

Mess charges are different for VEG and Non VEG foods. For Veg fee is 59,000 INR per year and Non-Veg the fee is 66,000 INR.


So, Scholarship Programs in VIT University to talented students who get top place in the VITEEE exam. It all depends on the rank of Students that what percent of fees will be provided by the University.

State board or Central Board Toppers will get 100% of total fee, Scholarship for 4 years, top 1 to 50 rank holder in VITEEE exam 75% of total fee scholarship 4 years. Top 51 to 100 rank holder in VITEEE exam 50% of total fee scholarship 4 years. Top 100 to 1000 rank holder in VITEEE exam 25% of total fee scholarship 4 years.

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