AP EAMCET Syllabus 2020

AP EAMCET  is around the corner and as we know that it is the mandatory exam for seeking admission into the B.Tech, B. Pharma and the other regular graduate program such as BSc. in the state of Andhra Pradesh, therefore, you must start your preparation for the exam after availing the full notification and other information of this exam. 

AP EAMCET basically stands for the Andhra Pradesh Engineering Agricultural and Medical Common Entrance Test, which is the mandatory exam of all the state-level Medical, Engineering and Graduate Universities of Andhra Pradesh. 

There is no direct admission process in the Universities/colleges of Andhra Pradesh without the qualification of this exam and therefore all the aspirants have to undertake and qualify this exam in order to reserve their admission within the state. 

The exam is not only applicable for the scholars of the state of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, but also for the other Indian aspirants who come from the other states of the country. International candidates are also welcomed and required to undertake this exam in order to study the medical and engineering programs within the state. 

If you are planning to appear for the exam in the coming year of 2020, then we urge you to go through this entire article in order to have all the required information about this exam, so that you can easily register and prepare yourself for the exam.

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Andhra Pradesh Engineering Agricultural and Medical Common Entrance Test 2020- Important Dates

AP EAMCET dates are basically the schedule of the events which are related to this exam such as the date of registration, admit card, exam application form and of the results etc. 

As you are looking forward to appearing in the exam, therefore, you must make yourself aware of the date of all the events related to this exam. You can here below check out the schedule of all the important dates regarding the exam for your easy consideration.


Starting of Online Application for Exam Feb 4th Week of 2020
Last Date of Online Application Form March 4th Week 2020
Last Date of Submitting the Application Fee APRIL 3RD  Week 2020
Last Date of Making Correction in the Application Form April 2nd Week 2020
Admit Card Availability   April 3rd Week 2020
Date of Examination  April 3rd Week 2020
Declaration of Results May 1st Week 2020


AP EAMCET Physics Syllabus:

In order to make yourself fully prepare for the AP EAMCET exam, you must first have the full information regarding the syllabus of this exam since without knowing the syllabus you can’t go for this exam. 

Keeping it in our consideration here we are going to provide you with the AP EAMCET 2020 Physics Syllabus so that you can prepare for this particular subject of the exam in a good manner.


S.I. NO. Name of Topics/Units
1 Physical World
2 Units and Measurement
3 Laws of Motion
4 Gravitation
5 Work, Energy, Power
6 Oscillations
7 Mechanical Properties of Solids
8 Thermal Properties of Matter
9 Kinetic Theory
10 Waves
11 Current Electricity
12 Moving Charges/Magnetism
13 Electromagnetic Induction
14 Alternating Current
15 Dual Nature of Radiation
16 Atoms
17 Nuclei
18 Communication System
19 Semiconductors, Materials, Devices and Circuits
20 Thermodynamics
21 Wave Optics

AP EAMCET Chemistry Syllabus:

Chemistry is the other subject of the exam and in order to start preparing this subject you should first check out the syllabus. Here you can get access of AP EAMCET 2020 Chemistry Syllabus for your reference.

S.I NO  Name of Topics/Units
1 Chemical Bonding and Bases of Acids
2 Classification of Elements and Periodicity 
3 Thermodynamics
4 Environmental Chemistry
5 p-Block Elements
6 Solutions
7 Surface Chemistry
8 Polymers
9 Electrochemistry and Chemical Kinetics
10 General Principles of Metallurgy
11 D and f block elements
12 Biomolecules
13 Chemistry in Daily life
14 Studies of Organic Compounds
15 Haloalkanes and Haloarenes

AP EAMCET  Mathematics Syllabus:

Maths is a nightmare for the majority of the candidates who are looking forward to appearing in this exam and in order to prepare the topic wise preparation of this subject you first know about all the topics of this subject. Here is the AP EAMCET 2020 Mathematics syllabus 


S.I. NO  Name of Topic/Units
1 Algebra
2 Vector Algebra
3 Calculus
4 Trigonometry
5 Coordinate Geometry
6 Dispersion Measure and Probability 

AP EAMCET Engineering Exam Pattern:

Well, if you are specifically preparing for the AP EAMCET in order to get your admission into the engineering programs of the State University/College then we would urge you to understand the AP EAMCET exam pattern. 

Having an understanding of the pattern of the exam would enhance your preparation for this exam and you can check out the full pattern of exam here below is very easy and understanding manner.
It is important to know that a separate question paper is developed for the candidates, who want to study engineering in the colleges of Andhra Pradesh. The question paper is comprised of three subjects which are Physics, Chemistry, and Biology respectively. 

There would be a total of 160 questions in the exam from all three sections of the exam and each correct answer will bring the candidate 1 mark, while there is no negative marking in this exam. Here you can check out the division of the questions among the subjects. 

AP EAMCET Previous Year Examination Papers:

The best way to start your AP EAMCET preparation is to first take up the overview of this exam and question papers are the best source of getting an overview of any exam. 

We urge all the candidates preparing for this exam to check out the previous year’s questions papers, which will provide you with a basic understanding about the format of the exam and the kinds of questions which are asked in it. 

Moreover, there are the major numbers of the questions which are repetitive in nature and appear in the exam after every year or the alternative years, therefore the previous year’s questions papers will also serve the purpose of mock test papers to boost your preparation for the exam. 

You can here check out the previous year’s questions papers of the exam from this section of the article and use the question paper as a tool of your preparation for the exam. 

Download AP EAMCET 2010 Question Paper

Download AP EAMCET 2011 Question Paper

Important Books/Sources to Prepare for AP EAMCET 

AP EAMCET Important books are those books which help the candidates in preparing for the exam in an effective manner since the study material or the books is the first and the foremost source by which we begin our preparation for this exam. 

We are in this section of the article going to suggest some specific books which will boost your preparation for the exam in a manner that you have the better chance of cracking this exam. 

  • Handbook of Physics
  • Handbook of Chemistry
  • Handbook of Chemistry
  • EAMCET Test Papers
  • Handbook of Mathematics
  • EAMCET Physics Chapterwise 26 Years Solutions with Mock Test Paper
  • EAMCET Chemistry Chapterwise 26 Years Solutions with Mock Test Paper
  • EAMCET Mathematics Chapterwise 26 Years Solutions with Mock Test Paper

AP EAMCET Marking Scheme

Well, if we talk about the AP EAMCET marking scheme then the pattern of marking for the exam is very simplified. There will be a total of 160 questions and each question is worth 1 mark and since there is no negative marking. Therefore, candidates will be free to try all the questions asked in the exam freely. 

The question paper will be formed in the multiple-choice types of the questions and the questions would be divided in the different subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is the Mode of Examination for AP EAMCET?

It is an online computer-based test for all the candidates.

2. Who Conducts the AP EAMCET?

The exam is conducted by the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Kakinada

3. What Languages Can you Opt for While Appearing for AP EAMCET? 

English and Telugu are the official languages of examination for the candidates.

4. What is the Weightage given to different subjects in AP EAMCET?

Well, in the Engineering admission the subjects of Mathematics is given the prime weightage as the 50% portion of the exam is for the Mathematics syllabus only for the rest 50% the subjects of physics and chemistry is given the equal weightage. 

Here below you can check out the subject wise weightage  of different topics in the Exam


Chapter/Topic Name AP EAMCET Weightage
Rotational Motion System of Particles 9%
Motion in a Plane 8%
Gravitation  7%
Current Electricity 6%
Moving Charges and Magnetism 9%




Elements Classifications 11%
Solutions 7%
Organic Compounds 10%
Chemical Kinetics 5%
Atomics Structure 9%




Vectors 10%
Probability 15%
Integral Calculus 3%
Trigonometry 11%
Differential Calculus 3%

5. Does the AP EAMCET Syllabus Consist of 12th Syllabus?

Yes, the major portion of the exam is prepared from the syllabus of 12th standard board of education.


6. What is the Exam Duration of Engineering Exam? 

The duration of the exam is 3 hours and it is an annually conducted exam.


7. What are the Qualifying Marks to for Appearing for AP EAMCET?

The minimum passing marks in the 10+2 exam is 45% for the General and 40% for the SC/ST candidates to appear in the AP EAMCET.


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